Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do Seminar
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Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do Seminar


Join Sifu Andy Kimura, Sigung Taky Kimura and the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute of Seattle for their first public seminar of 2017, at the Northwest Black Belt Academy in Renton WA for a day of training in Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do (10am-3pm with a break for lunch).

The seminar's primary Instructor will be Sifu Andy Kimura, under the watchful eye of Sigung Taky Kimura, who was Bruce Lee's best friend and highest-ranked student. This is a rare opportunity to meet and train with Sigung Taky who at 93 years old continues to attend classes at the Institute to watch over the current generation of students. Come learn some of Bruce Lee's original Jun Fan JKD curriculum taught at the Institute, which still operates as a semi-private school to this day.

Attendees should bring focus pads and gloves if they have them, and may train barefoot or in clean, indoor-only non-marking shoes. We encourage attendees of all skills levels from all martial arts disciplines, teenaged and older, to attend. No spectators though, please.

Pre-register for $70 as spots are limited; otherwise admission will be $80 at-the-door.

Sign up now at https://squareup.com/store/JunFanGungFuSeattle or contact JunFanGungFuSeattle@gmail.com with any questions!

At 405 S 3rd St in Renton

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