Lil tigers/Lil Dragons


Our Lil Tigers (3-5yrs) and Lil Dragons (5-7yrs) programs teach basic martial arts skills in a fun atmosphere for preschool age children. Students learn to follow directions, listen, punch and kick, and play exercise games. Students learn the basic skills they need to advance to the kids class.

Kids Program


Children learn basic to advanced Tae Kwon Do techniques. Classes include a workout warmup, technique instruction and often exercise games. Infused with inspiring martial arts-based fun, this program focuses on the physical fitness of traditional Tae Kwon Do and a set of invaluable life skills we call the five tenets of Tae Kwon Do: courtesy, self-control, integrity, perseverance, and indomitable spirit.

Additionally, we start our classes with a review of the children’s home rules which students are required to memorize and practice at home in order to receive promotion in our school. Students are rewarded for grades, Random Acts of Kindness, and taking leadership roles. Children have the opportunity to advance to black belt and beyond, as well as compete and take supplemental classes.



In our combined Adult & Teen Program students learn the fundamentals of traditional Tae Kwon Do from beginner to advanced levels. Workouts can include warmup, technique instruction and conditioning. Adults have the opportunity to advance to black belt and beyond, take leadership roles, train for competition, take supplemental classes and become instructors.

Mixed Ages / Family Class


Sometimes parents can't get their children to the earlier Kids Program because of work schedule conflicts. So we also feature All Ages Classes, where parents can work out together with their children in the early evening.

Competition Teams


Our competition, or sparring, classes focus exclusively on conditioning, ring strategies, and other skills needed to be champions in the arena of Olympic-style sparring. Their dedication to compete and emerge victorious has taken this team all over the United States to win many gold medals in national competition.



Hyper combines traditional martial arts with elements of gymnastics, creating a high flying, martial arts with high jumps, flips, and twists. Take your training to the next level with Hyper Pro Training. Get a high energy, fast paced environment where your only limit is your creativity. Students learn “tricking,” aerial moves, spinning kicks and special weapons techniques. Students have opportunities for shows and demonstrations.

Juice Compound


The ONLY kid & teen fitness program developed by athletes! A strength and conditioning program designs just for youth and focused on developing goal setting and leadership skills.

National Black Belt Club


The National Black Belt Club (NBBC) is an invitation-only upgrade program for students ready to make a commitment to earning their black belts. To receive an invitation to join the NBBC students must first have achieved their yellow belt and have made a verbal commitment to achieve the rank of black belt. Then students may be invited to set up an enrollment conference with the instructor.

The curriculum for this program is a rotating mixed martial arts format. The theme changes each month and includes Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, weapons, Jeet Kun Do, Olympic-style sparring, and much more.

This program is designed to expose students to as many other arts as possible on their journey to black belt, thus producing a well-rounded martial artist.



Join us each Friday afternoon to slow down and review the basic building blocks of your belt curriculum in great detail.  This is the foundation of your Tae Kwon Do training. Everything you learn is built on these core techniques.