Children’s Home Rules

1.     Children shall greet their parents when they enter the house and tell them goodbye when they leave.
2.     Children will at all times be respectful to their parents and grandparents.
3.     Children will at all times be truthful.
4.     Children will strive for a good relationship with their brothers and sisters.
5.     Children will willingly help with household chores.
6.     Children shall report to their parents that they have completed assigned tasks.
7.     Children shall be responsible for the upkeep and neatness of their own room.
8.     Children will practice daily cleanliness in the matters of hair, teeth and body.
9.     Children shall abide by their parents decisions.
10.  Children shall not interrupt adult conversations.
11.  Children shall refrain from rowdy behavior at home.
12.  Children shall possess an active mind, body and spirit.
13.  Children will diligently study their school work both at school and at home.
14.  Children will at all times show respect for their schoolteachers and their peers.

Children who do not obey their parents may be reduced in rank.



Dojang Rules

1.     Bow to the master or instructor and to the flag when entering and leaving the dojang.
2.     When addressed by the master or instructor, answer, “yes sir/no sir” or “yes ma’am/no ma’am.”
3.     If you arrive to class after it has begun, enter dojang and ask instructor for permission and shake instructor’s hand to join class.
4.     The following are prohibited in the dojang and on mats: shoes, smoking, chewing gum, intoxication, bad language, bad behavior and disrespect.
5.     Always wear a clean uniform.
6.     Students should not have leave class without instructor’s permission.
7.     When sparring, students must be wearing sparring gear, and maximum control must be used.
8.     Senior belt students will set a good example, they will show respect for and help lower belt students.
9.     Do not use Tae Kwon Do to hurt anyone, never degrade Tae Kwon Do for the reputation of the school.
10.  You must have permission from your instructor to participate in any tournament or martial arts activity.


Three Rules of Concentration
Focus your eyes
Focus your mind
Focus your body

Three Rules of Training
Self Control

Korean Numbers

1.     Hana
2.     Dul
3.     Set
4.     Net
5.     Dasut
6.     Yasut
7.     Eol Gup
8.     Yodul
9.     Ahop
10.  Yol

Korean Terms

Kwanjangnim – Grandmaster
Sabumnim – Master
Kyo Sanim –Instructor
Charyut – attention
Gukki ye – flag
Kyung ye – Bow
Kam sa ham nida – Thank you
Anyong ha shim neeka – Hi, How are you?
Anyon ha say oh – Hi how are you? (informal)
Jhoon bi – ready stance (poomse)
Shi ja – Begin
Kuman – Stop
Baro – Return
Poomsae – Form
Dobok – Uniform
Dojang – School

Kihap (Yell!)

The mental and physical release of energy from your body creates concentration, eliminates shyness, builds self confidence, and tightens muscles to deliver stronger moves.