Where students learn to serve others, give back to the community, and pay forward kindness.

Kids classes


Martial arts training improves mental focus, grades in school, attitude, confidence and teaches discipline.

Self Defense Classes


Spar with other students, build confidence, increase cardio endurance, face your fears
and win!

Welcome to Lee's Martial Arts!

At Lee's Martial Arts in Lynnwood, we strive to create a well-disciplined family atmosphere. Whether you're interested in attaining health benefits and fitness for yourself, or structure and self-control for your children, we can help!

Our Updates:

08/03/ 2013

Grand Opening!
Be sure to come by our new Lynnwood location and help us celebrate!


07/29/ 2013

Classes begin!
Get ready to get your sweat on! We're all moved in and ready to help you achieve your fitness goals!

28 / 01 / 2013

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August Special:

Introductory Special: $29.99

Includes 4 weeks of Tae Kwon Do

(regular price: $150)

and a FREE uniform

(regular price $50).

That means you'll save $170 if you sign up with this generous offer!


01/ valid for 12 months

02/ 100% transferable

Martial Arts Training

Tae kwon do can be more than just a leisure activity!
Come chat with Master Joe Whitworth and hear some incredible stories from over 25 years of experience.

Family Fun


Exercise and train as a family.
Learning a new skill together will increase bonding and appreciation for each others strengths.

Lee's martial arts /

nw black belt academy

2027 196th St sw
Lynnwood, wa 98036
(425) 245-8651 
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